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Connecting business buyers to sellers for over 20 years, the LINK experience is tailored to cater to everyone interested in buying a business. Whether you are a first time buyer looking to enter the market, a franchisor searching for franchisees, or a seasoned buyer looking to expand – LINK will make the buying process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

There is no cost when buying a business listed with a LINK Business Broker – the fee is paid by the seller.

However, should you wish your LINK Business Broker to approach an existing business, or seek a potential acquisition target that meets your needs, then you may enter into a Buyer’s Mandate with LINK. The terms of the mandate will include a commission payable to LINK based on the value of the business that is subsequently purchased. In such cases, the seller will not be required to pay commission.

To ensure the best possible service, LINK focuses on the following sectors:

  • Retail food
  • Retail general
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • Rural and Agriculture
  • Restaurants and Fast-Food
  • Services

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LINK offers a unique service where you can register in our database to receive priority advice on new listings. You can register online here or you can telephone us to discuss what current businesses are available and help you to register in our database. Once registered, you will receive priority notification of any new business within your selected criteria.

Questions about buying a business

How are businesses valued?
How can I be advised of any new businesses available as soon as they are listed?
How do I find out about businesses for sale I'm interested in?
How do I know that what I have been told about the business is true?
How much money do I need?
What happens when I find a business for sale I wish to buy?
What initial information do I need to gather?
What is the ideal business?
What type of Business Broker should I use?
When can I inspect the business?
Why should I pay someone to buy a business when I could start one up?
Why should I use a Business Broker?
What is a Buyer's Mandate?
Inspecting the physical environment
Benefits of a Lease
Reviewing a Lease
Benefits of Business with Property
Buying a Franchise Business


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