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Promising Rice Mill with Amazing Farm House

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Promising Rice Mill with Amazing Farm House


The property started life as a family rest house for use during vacations by the sellers' young family. Upon arrival to the place, visitors enter through a gate flanked by twin pine trees, and into a front yard that also serves as a parking space. The amazing 250-sqm farmhouse is immediately visible and beckons you in. Immediately, the soft breeze helps you relax already.

Indoors, visitors will find that the farmhouse has a cathedral ceiling and makes the interior very light and airy. The front door opens to an open-plan living room, dining, and office areas with a central powder room.

There are two bedrooms on the first floor: the master's bedroom with its en suite toilet & bath and the guest bedroom. A mezzanine sits on top of the bedrooms and hosts a balcony looking over the first floor, and an open-plan attic with a central toilet & bath.

The indoor kitchen has the modern conveniences needed by a family. The kitchen also hosts the staff quarters and a separate toilet & bath, and a service entrance.

The outdoor kitchen has spaces for grilling and a wooden stove for native dishes. And the nearby garden hosts native vegetables that can be plucked for the kitchen.

The farm house:

•             Open-plan Living, Dining and Office Rooms

•             2 Bedrooms

•             1 Mezzanine-Attic Area

•             1 Powder Room

•             2 Toilet & Bath

•             Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen

•             Staff quarters with toilet & bath

•             Service entrance for staff

The farmhouse is very accessible through a 500-m hop through a private road which opens up at the six-lane Pan-Philippine Highway. If operated as a bed-and-breakfast, there are lots of tourist areas nearby.

While the farmhouse sits in front, the back of the property is dedicated to the rice mill. During their stays at the house, the family found a business opportunity in buying palay from their neighbors and processing them into kitchen-ready rice.

As an entrepreneurial foreign-trained engineer, the seller brought in and assembled the machinery needed to operate a rice mill. Raw palay from the neighboring farms started to pour in, and they quickly outgrew their initial capacity. And so, they brought in more and bigger machinery to handle the demand.

At this time, the rice mill machines consist of the following:

•             KANEKO-brand Rice Mill KRM Mark III (Single Pass) with Mitsubishi Diesel Engine

•             China brand Multi-Pass Rice Mill with several accessory equipment

             o        Husker

             o        Sorter

             o        Stoner

             o        Two Polishers

             o        Whitener

             o        Grader

             o        Bagger

             o        Mitsubishi Diesel Engine

•             Flat-bed dryer for palay

•             Vertical dryer for palay

•             Grain moisture meters

•             Small Tractor

•             4-wheeler drop-side Mitsubishi COE Truck with powered lifter (GVWR: 3,000 kg)


All of the rice mill equipment is powered by biofuels, and the motors are run by Mitsubishi diesel engines and a 25kW diesel generator.

The equipment is housed in a 500-sqm open-sided barn with various areas, such as:

•             Enclosed Rice Storage

•             Open Storage Area for Palay

•             Two Storage Areas for Ipa

•             Sleeping Quarters for Workers

As a rice mill and rest house, there are several possible sources of revenue:

•             Trucking service

•             Drying service

•             Milling service

•             Selling packaged rice (bags)

•             By-product can be used by organic pig farms and home gardening enthusiasts

•             Agri-tourism

             o        Day Tours

             o        B&B operations via AirBnB or

The rice mill itself was previously featured in a national TV show. Moreover, they used to be a supplier for a big agricultural corporation supplying branded brown rice.

RFS: Owners are selling the rice mill and house because they want to focus on their bigger business.

*Signing of a non-disclosure agreement is required for interested parties who would like to have more details.

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