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LINK, an international business brokering company headquartered in New Zealand with offices in 4 countries has made a conscious decision to open its 2nd office in the Philippines, LINK Alabang.  LINK opened its first office here in the Philippines on April 2017 at Ortigas Center.  In just a little over a year, LINK was able to build a network of over 100 Business Brokers with close to 100businesses listed for sale.  LINK’s success is attributed to its pioneering effort in launching Business Brokering as a professional business in the Philippines. LINK’s commitment to excellence and on-going training of its business brokers helped forged its reputation as an industry leader.  It has a worldwide network with systems in place to support its local operations.  LINK upholds the principle of delivering exceptional customers service to business owners and buyers alike. The only one of its kind in the Philippines, an entity second to none, LINK prides itself as The World’s largest business brokerage firm.

The opening of the Alabang office is part of LINK’s strategic plan.  Alabang, is the 2nd district of Muntinlupa.  It covers approximately 8,064 sq kilometer of land with a population of approximately 80,000 (based on May 2010 National Statistics for Alabang and New Alabang Village).  Alabang has undergone tremendous growth from a farming village to a commercial center.  This growth is attributed to the development boom of the late 1990.  Alabang’s landscape was transformed from vast agricultural lands and cow pastures into a district that houses new industrial and commercial businesses not to mention the development of high end residential villages and high-rise condominiums.   The developments of large scale commercial Real Estate projects included the construction of Shopping Centers, Malls and other businesses to serve the need of its growing population.  The economic growth in the south fueled the move of local and multinational corporations to establish its headquarters/home offices in Alabang.  In a recent news article (April 26, 2018), NEDA (National Economic and Development Authority) announced the government’s approval of 8 new projects, infrastructure projects which includes the Subic Clark Railway Project, , Bridge Construction Acceleration project (building of 4-lane bridges and twenty five 2-lane trust bridges in 9regions) to facilitate the movement of the population. This is the business opportunity LINK saw and inspired it to open its 2nd office in Alabang.  A strategic plan for its success.

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to open the Alabang office.  The experience that I bring as a seasoned Banker, experienced Business Broker and a Retailer provide the platform for meeting the challenges of opening the Alabang office.  I personally see it as the road to success, not only for LINK but specifically for buyers and sellers of businesses who deserve professional representation and quality of service.   

I welcome the opportunity of opening the Alabang office knowing that the Alabang community will support the endeavors of LINK-Alabang with open arms.  It is the road to success for everyone. Eleanor Carbonell

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