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Xialen Antonio

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Phone: +63 2 7900 8000
Mobile: +63 917 855 7210
Office: Manila-Ortigas Center

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Xialen Antonio has been in the business industry for more than a decade. She started her business venture from Beauty & Wellness and eventually pursued their family business in Property Management. Alongside managing multiple small businesses, she is also a part of Junior Chamber International Philippines. A reputable organization that believes in the development of leaders and devoting time to the betterment of the community in making the world a better place. As soon as she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs, she immediately took up Masters of Business in Administration Major in Human Resource Management with American City University. All the while expanding here network and business venture in the Food & Business Industry, Manpower Industry and currently Transportation Services. 

Xialen assumed a post as JCI President in 2016. This enabled her to connect and partnered with fellow members from other chapters who are in the business industry as well. Through that, her network expanded through outreach programs that aided in the development of community in need of assistance.  This opened-up opportunities to discover that with business, anything is possible once you put your mind and heart into it. With a vast range of network, beyond any doubt, she can efficiently connect you to the right person and connect businesses to capable and driven individuals who can make a difference.