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Phone: +63 2 7900 8000
Mobile: +63 917 716 4155
Office: Manila-Ortigas Center

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YAN PENG YEE is a native-born Filipino-Chinese Christian Businessman, Engineer, Civic & Servant Leader, Financial Advocate, Licensed RealP Estate Broker, Certified Investment Solicitor, Associate Financial Wealth Planner and Licensed Tourist Guide, before he joined LINK-Ortigas Manila as a professional Business Broker.

YAN PENG YEE has 32 years of extensive business experience in the food chain & franchise business. He managed a family-owned restaurant with 20 branches. He ran a huge food commissary, and trained in Sydney on Engineering. Peng helped Filipinos realize their financial dreams and goals as a financial advocate, including the management of their Investment portfolio, business risk and succession. He is a result-oriented, multi-talented, special skilled, dedicated and focused professional.

People look at Peng as a man of credibility & integrity which is significant to both Chinese and Filipino business community. Because Peng is multi-lingual, he has an established network of businessmen; writes and speaks Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Fukien, English and  Filipino dialects fluently.

PENG is very passionate with his work and helps business owners in preparing and marketing the sale of their business. To him, getting the best possible price at the soonest possible time for an owner is paramount. He understands people when they decide to move on for whatever reason. On the other hand, Peng can help buyers acquire the business most suitable to them.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience in business, Peng’s objective is to obtain a win-win situation for both seller and buyer.



, YAN PENG YEE ()是土生土长的菲律宾 - 华人基督徒商人,擁金融保险顾问,持牌房地产经纪人,注册投资经纪, 持牌导理财专业规划师之全方位专业资格,就职于LINK-Ortigas Manila,是专业商务顾问

在食品连锁商店和特许经营业务方面拥有32年的业务经验,经营一家拥有20家分店的食饮厅,同时经营了一家大型食品超市,並在悉尼,澳大利 接受个工程培训。同时不遗 餘力培训人晉身,管理和涉及多边投资组合,风险管理遗产继承。成功晉身金融业务服务社会.

人憑着厳以律已,顧客至上之优貭服务,加上广大人脈及精通多方话言: 普通话,广东话, 中山话, 台山话, 福建话,英语和菲律宾语

多蒙顧客信賴, 良朋益友, 遍佈四海, 本人承诺, 全心全意, 以客人之成功為已任, 將客人附托之业务, 嚴加保密達到盡善盡美.