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Office: Manila-Ortigas Center

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“The most important part of what I do is to LISTEN TO MY CLIENTS . Understanding their objectives empowers me to partner with them to identify the most effective solutions for their business. I'm EXTRAORDINARILY COMMITED to helping the small business owner, unlock their potential, and create the business of their  dreams” –Kris Garcia

With a solid background in Brand Creation and Build Up, Franchise Infrastructure and Management, and  Business Model Solutions ,   Kris has become  a strategic thinker, who possesses a VALUABLE BLEND OF STRONG ANALYTICAL & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS. She understands first-hand the challenges facing today’s businesses, and considers it a privilege to help her clients exceed their goals. She crafted 5TH GEAR HOLISTIC BUSINESS STRATEGIES , an innovative yet simple Business Mechanism  enabling solutions to  small and medium-sized  businesses . A 21-day  Business strategy Session enabling  entrepreneurs to clarify their vision for their  business and create  long-term goals and short-term action plans. Allowing them to explore the  right business model for their products & services. Her program has helped numerous  small business owners design their brand and determine organizational issues.  This program allowed her clients to plan strategic locations to grow their business and set targeted goals to speed up business growth.

She has mobilized several initiatives from both the private and  public sectors to enable significant  process flow for small businesses and provide predictive insights to these organizations. She has helped her clients mitigate risk and improve their profitability. As a Consultant she has leveraged on these skills

  • carry out research and data collection to understand the organization
  • interview the client's employees, management  team and other stakeholders
  • run focus groups and facilitate workshops
  • prepare business Portfolios  and Presentations
  • identify issues and form hypotheses and solutions
  • present findings and recommendations to clients
  • implement recommendations or solutions and ensure the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • manage projects and programs
  • lead and manage those within the team
  • liaise with the client to keep them informed of progress for them to make relevant decisions.

For the Past 18 years, she has serviced a  whole range of industries and sectors, including charities and educational institutions, financial services, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, media and telecommunications, the public sector ,retail, manufacturing, Food & Beverage industries.

Prior to joining Link , Kris was the country Brand Consultant for 888mediagroup, a US based Digital Advertising Platform who intends to grow roots in the Philippines, a Franchise Consultant for numerous food concepts, cosmetics and beauty service industry , e-commerce  and architectural supplies and services. And even with her long experience in Business Strategizing , Kris stumbled upon a business process  handicap, often neglected but a crucial aspect of every business. An element  she thought should be an integral part of  every Good Business Plan – An EXIT STRATEGY.  Joining  Link Business Brokering Phil. has created a full circle for her,  ushering business owners to their best exit strategy. Equipped with ample experience , Kris now shares the same passion with Link , to help preserve businesess and jobs.  More than the elaborate business theories, Kris Garcia is action-driven. She avoids encapsulating her clients in templates , instead makes herself an indispensable partner working closely towards  achievable goals.