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Brendon Dy Lo

Business Broker

Phone: +63 2 7900 8000
Mobile: +63 917 826 0634
Office: Manila-Ortigas Center

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Author Penelope Douglas wrote, “Experience is the best teacher”.

Yes, it has been the best teacher by far.  Entrepreneurship has been deeply ingrained in him at a young age. Manning the store in his elementary years up to selling corrugated cases in college, Brendon knew the value of real hardwork.  It is the same discipline of hardwork that expanded his business portfolio.  Driven by passion and tenacity to improve his craft, Brendon has ventured to numerous businesses in the past.  From loofah to lahar hollow-blocks, to e-commerce to IT/networking, Brendon was quick to adapt to the changing times.

“Diskarte” is one trait that he strongly possesses.  Brendon will find ways to achieve his goal.  A clear example was the e-commerce company, Our-Bid.Com Inc. that he founded in 2003.  He pioneered the FIRST government compliant working e-procurement solution through a signed MOA with DOH and DBP. A very sound and solid concept that may have been too early for its time then. 

Now, Brendon is preoccupied with managing his business as the GM of Too Many Deals Inc., distributor of digital memory products.  With a turnaround sale of more than 8000x in a span of 12 years, he has positioned the company as the only choice for genuine memory products in a counterfeit-laden industry.  A feat not easy to face unless supported with his very able team.  A fair businessman, Brendon knows how to recognize the hardwork of his team and coaches them to become better versions of themselves.

A family man blessed with four children, Brendon is an active member of the Neo-Catechumenal Way in Binondo for more than 20 years.  He’s a strong believer that all things come through His grace.

Experience, yes.  Tons of it has built the man Brendon is now.  More experiences please?